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We believe these organizations share our mission and passion for serving entrepreneurs in the Southwest Michigan region. These organizations are great resources for business owners in the area, and we regularly partner up with them to provide the highest level of service for entrepreneurs in our community.



At Can-Do Kalamazoo, we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners at different stages. Whether you want to turn your idea into a business, scale up your existing business to reach new markets and opportunities, or give back to early-stage entrepreneurs through mentoring, we are here to walk the path with you.


Here at Room 35 we take entrepreneurship and social good seriously. We are on a mission to create a more diverse, inclusive economy for all. We’ve worked with all sides of the conversation from Cities to Large Organizations and the Entrepreneurs at the ground level. We understand how to create prosperity along all levels of the ecosystem and thrive in complex environments. We believe communities are built through communication and collaboration.


Starting Gate aims to equip WMU students with the necessary resources and support to develop their startup companies. The accelerator program is open to all students who demonstrate a promising idea for a product or service that can be launched quickly. By participating in Starting Gate, students can benefit from a fast track to launching their businesses. Starting Gate has now served its 100th student business.


The SCORE Southwest Michigan Chapter provides free, confidential business advice through one-on-one mentoring (in-person & online). They help small businesses succeed by offering free business tools, templates, and resources. SCORE also offers access to workshops, seminars, and events in the community.

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The Kalamazoo Start-Up Center strives to create an environment of inclusion and does not disciminate based on race, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital/family status, nationality, disability/health status, political opinion, national/social origin, or economic/social status.

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